Hearing Aids

When it comes to hearing aids, one size does not fit all.

There are literally thousands of options for hearing aids. Many people find it overwhelming to know what type of hearing aid is the best for them.
  With a correct diagnosis and the individual needs of our patients taken into account we counsel our patients and recommend the most appropriate devices for them.  In some cases, over-the-counter hearing aids are sufficient.  In other cases, prescriptive devices are required.  With the expert guidance from Bronxville Hearing Center, you can rest assured you’ll find the best hearing aids for you.

We work with all of the industry-leading manufacturers of hearing aids.
We offer repairs and adjustments for ALL makes and models of hearing aids.

There are two ways to obtain hearing aids.

OTC (over-the-counter) hearing aids

OTC hearing aids may be appropriate for some adults with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Bronxville Hearing Center is always investigating
new technologies and devices to recommend
the best OTC hearing aids.

Prescriptive hearing aids

Prescriptive hearing aids are programmed to your unique pattern of hearing loss. In some cases, prescriptive hearing aids are required because they have more power than OTC devices. Bronxville Hearing Center works with all of the major manufacturers of prescriptive hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Styles


Custom in-the-ear devices (ITE)

Custom in-the-ear devices (ITE) are custom-made to fit in your ear and the whole hearing aid sits in the ear (nothing behind the ear).

Conventional behind-the-ear (BTE)

Conventional behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are still the most appropriate for children and others who are more profoundly hard of hearing.

Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)

Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) devices are the most commonly used type of hearing aids today because they have the best features, are the most durable, and are some of the most discreet.
    Victoria F
    Victoria F
    April 29, 2022
    I took my father in for his first ever hearing consultation and it went very smoothly. Dr. Thayer is absolutely wonderful, patient and explained everything clearly. I would definitely recommend this office for anyone in need of hearing aid consultation.
    Monique Avakian
    Monique Avakian
    March 9, 2022
    I have been going to Bronxville Hearing Center for almost 2 decades. I have just returned from my annual screening and just wanted to say that I am so thankful for Dr. Thayer's expertise, warmth, care and pro-active abilities to address various matters, large and small. The front of the office is extremely well run with regard to appointments and health insurance which is also much appreciated. I love my hearing aids. Without Dr. Thayer's care and encouragement, I would not be wearing hearing aids and well on the way to inviting cognitive decline and social withdrawal. Without a good relationship with your audiologist, It's too easy for a person to give up on his/her/their hearing. Bronxville Hearing Center has made a HUGE difference in my quality of life!
    Salem Rabadi
    Salem Rabadi
    October 23, 2017
    Rebecca Geminn
    Rebecca Geminn
    June 19, 2017

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