Hearing Protection and Assistance

The world of audiology isn’t limited to just hearing aids, which is why we offer a multitude of additional products for diverse applications.

Assistive Listening Devices for those with hearing loss:

  • Amplified telephones
  • Alerting devices
  • High-tech cell phone solutions
  • FM systems
  • Telecoil loop systems

Personal and recreational hearing products:

  • Custom-fit earmolds for hands-free cell phones
  • Volume-limiting earphones for kids and adults
  • Custom-fit hearing protection for:
    • Motorcyclists
    • Hunters/Target shooters
    • Power tool use
    • Concert goers

Especially for Musicians:

  • Customized evaluations and creative hearing protection solutions for:
    • Professional musicians
    • Audio engineers
    • Crew
    • High-end, professional-grade in-ear monitors

Industrial solutions:

  • Hearing conservation programs and specialized communication devices for:
    • Construction settings
    • Factories
    • Automotive repair industries
    • Emergency workers